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FlyPie Pizza – Restaurant Tenant Improvement

Kalb Industries completed a restaurant tenant improvement for FlyPie Pizza.

Kalb Industries is a construction company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They successfully completed a comprehensive restaurant tenant improvement project for FlyPie Pizza.

In today’s world, drive-thru options are all around, from fast food to coffee and even medicine. But what about high-quality pizza through a drive-thru? That was unheard of until Kalb Industries embarked on the groundbreaking journey of FlyPie Pizza. This innovative concept for fast, delectable, made-to-order pizza is truly one of a kind. Not only does FlyPie deliver your pizza promptly, but they also offer a family-friendly experience as you drive through their tunnel to the delivery window.

FlyPie has gone the extra mile to cater to all guests, not just those using the drive-thru. They’ve added a convenient walk-up window and ample parking spaces. Providing customers with the option to order and enjoy their pizza right in the comfort of their vehicles.

Restaurant Tenant Improvement For FlyPie Pizza

The entire project is a 2,187 sqft building, uniquely shaped as a tunnel with a full commercial kitchen. Internally you can find state-of-the-art audio and visual elements that immerse you into the full experience. A prep kitchen and large commercial pizza kitchen that operates at 150 degrees and can cook a pizza in 2 and a half minutes. 

The façade includes architectural metals, brick, and mortar along with an EFIS tunnel structure. Kalb worked closely with the design team and owner to develop the first Fly Pie restaurant that will serve as the flagship for other locations. Be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind project and drive through for a slice and a short. Learn more about FlyPie on their website.

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