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Mothership Coffee Roasters

Located in Gardner Plaza in Henderson, NV, Mothership Coffee Roasters, is one of the newest community stops in the rapidly growing neighborhood. Whether you are just driving through the drive-thru for a quick hot cup of joe or sitting down in there warm and inviting eclectic dining area and enjoying a latte topped with the Barista‚Äôs coffee art you will instantly feel the Mothership Roasters unique vibe which is truly one of a kind. 

The Kalb team approached the 1644 sqft. with a holistic viewpoint, we had a unique understanding of the space as we built the tenant space that Mothership Coffee now occupies. The project was completed in under ninety (90) days, working closely with the designer and owner on this project the team could quickly make any adjustments that were needed.

The space includes a dining area and commercial kitchen and drive-thru service. Throughout, you will find unique finishes of tiles, wood, and wallcoverings. Upon completion, the owners added fun and eclectic wall decorations, a wall of greenery and pops of color and decorations that invite you to come in and stay awhile, which we hope you do. For more information on Mothership Roasting Company visit them here .

Kalb Industries

Kalb Industries of Nevada has been a family owned and operated General Contractor in Las Vegas since March of 1972.  Continued dedication to our customer is the focus at Kalb Industries.

Kalb Industries is in the business of building long term relationships by providing Clients with comprehensive Construction Services and expertise to budget effectively with detailed attention to quality while responding to their construction needs.

Kalb Industries will continue to be recognized in Nevada as the most honest, reliable and respected General Contractor in the sectors that we service.